QADREC was established in 1996 as a co-operative venture between Queensland Health and The University of Queensland.

QADREC is a leader in alcohol and drug research and training, and contributes to the world’s best practice in the field. Addiction Studies courses are delivered by QADREC staff through the School of Population Health’s Health Studies program.

QADREC aims for internationally-recognised excellence in teaching and research, particularly to the understanding of factors with the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.


QADREC works collaboratively with peak bodies in the Alcohol and Drug field including:


Major research projects

Major research projects

QADREC's research specialisations include substance use and misuse over the life course; in pregnancy; and among Indigenous Australians.

QADREC conducts a targeted research program focusing on alcohol and drug use problems from a public health perspective.

Research supports evidence-based reduction strategies, strategies for the prevention and treatment of drug-related harm, and harm reduction initiatives.

Ongoing research projects are:

Genetic and environmental contributions to the life course of the common mental disorders

The aetiology of alcohol use disorders in adulthood: A generational perspective 

The illicit drug reporting system (IDRS)

The ecstasy and related drug reporting system (EDRS)

Drug use by a community sample of young amphetamine-type stimulant users in South-East Queensland: A longitudinal study

Changing patterns of substance use 2001-2006 by pregnant women

A thirty-year study of the health and lifestyle of pregnant women: An exploratory study

Impact of Parental Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substance Use on Infant Development and Family Functioning

Passports to advantage: Health and capacity building as a basis for social integration

The acceptability and feasibility of Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) and Community Reinforcement and Family Training intervention (CRAFT) for the treatment of alcohol misuse and related harms among Indigneous Australians

Farm and Fishing Workers' use of drugs and alcohol

Queensland Injecting Drug Survey (QuIDS)

The cost-effectiveness of a family-based intervention for Indigenous Australians with high-risk alcohol use

Reducing alcohol-related harm in rural Aboriginal communities: Integrating clinical care and community development

Can parents teach their children to drink alcohol responsibly? Or, is one drop a drop too many?

The Cannabis Cohort Research Consortium (CCRC)

Opioid, analgesic and psychostimulant prescription use in Queensland and Australia

QADREC is also currently conducting research collaborations with Khon Kaen University, Thailand; the University of Isfahan, Iran; and the University of New South Wales.

For more information on the Centre's research projects and collaborations, please refer to our 2011 annual report.


Education and training

Education and training

QADREC delivers educational and training opportunities to students, professionals and the general public.

QADREC delivers a range of educational and training opportunities to provide students, professionals, and the general public with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to drug and alcohol harm.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Studies (ATODs)

Drug use has an increasingly significant impact on public health, however little formal training is available for those responding to substance use and misuse. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs program meets this need by equipping those working in the field with the knowledge and skills they need to make a real difference.

The studies will suit those new to the field of the addiction and treatment of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and experienced practitioners who want to formalise their understanding of addiction-related health practices or to review their current work practices.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Studies can be studied through the:

Master of Public Health (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) (24#)

Master of Public Health (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) (16#)

Graduate Diploma in Public Health (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs)

Graduate Certificate in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Studies

For more information, email or call the QADREC reception at +61 7 3365 5189.

Industry training

QADREC provides training opportunities to specialist alcohol and drug workers and the broader health, social care and criminal justice workforces.

The Opioid Treatment Prescribers Program, a major training program undertaken by QADREC, equips practitioners with skills for safe and successful prescribing of opioid replacement. It is required to authorise QLD methadone and buprenorphine prescribers.

Staff present the latest research findings at conferences throughout the year, including the yearly Winter School Conference undertaken by The Alcohol and Drug Foundation Queensland (ADFQ). To book or enquire about the Opioid training, contact Clinton Kempnich at or 07 3346 4670.

QADREC also runs the Indigenous risk impact screen (IRIS) and brief intervention (BI)

The IRIS and BI program provides a culturally secure and validated screening instrument and brief intervention designed to meet the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland and across Australia. IRIS is a two-factor validated and culturally appropriate screen that measures alcohol and other drug use and associated mental health issues in Indigenous populations from 18 years onwards.

The IRIS was developed in response to recommendations from both national and state reports that identified alcohol and other drug issues as the cause and symptom of health and environmental factors affecting the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

PhD applications

QADREC welcomes potential candidates for Doctoral studies in the alcohol and other drugs area. A number of PhD candidates are involved in ongoing teaching and research with QADREC staff.

The current PhD supervisors are:

Other teaching

As a major authority on the latest alcohol and drug research, QADREC participates in the coordination of undergraduate subjects throughout the year. This aims to contribute to the education of high quality university graduates, some who will become leaders in the drug and alcohol field in the future.

QADREC takes part in the Certificate III of Community Services Work (Alcohol and Other Drugs) course in collaboration with the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) and the Queensland Indigenous Substance Misuse Council (QISMC).

The QADREC seminar series is an initiative for practitioners, policy makers, and educators to meet and discuss alcohol or drug findings in the field. Guest speakers are invited to speak about major findings throughout the year.

Annual report and recent publications

Annual report and recent publications

QADREC's annual report is available for download.

Annual report

QADREC's 2011 annual report is available here.

Recent publications

QADREC staff are widely published in peer-reviewed journal publications and via government and industry reports.

Here are just some of our most recent publications. For a complete list of all journal papers, reports and other publications released in 2011, please see our annual report.

Babajafari, S., Marks, G.C., Mamun, A.A., O'Callaghan, M.J. Najman, J.M. (2011) Family food behaviours and adolescents’ overweight status: A mother-offspring link Study. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 13(11)1-12.

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QADREC staff

QADREC staff

QADREC is led by Professor Jake Najman.

Jake Najman

Clinton Kempnich
Deputy Director, Teaching
Reza Hayatbakhsh
Deputy Director, Research
Administration Officer
Senior Research Fellow
Coralie Ober
Senior Research Technician
Andrew Smirnov
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Senior Research Technician
Anton Clifford
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Mohsina Khatun
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