The School's Epidemiology and Biostatistics group, led by Professor Gail Williams, carries out applied research in biostatistical and epidemiological methods. It has extensive international, national and local research collaborations which involve high-level quantitative methodology applied in clinical and public health settings in developed and developing countries.

The groups' research enhances the School's teaching in these areas. Courses in epidemiological and biostatistical methods are delivered in a broad range of academic programs.

Primary areas of faculty  research

  • Prevention, control and treatment of non-communicable diseases
    • Diabetes
    • Reproductive cancers
    • Skin cancer
    • Mental health, including substance use
    • Obesity and the metabolic syndrome
  • Infectious diseases
    • Spatio-temporal analyses
    • Surveillance
    • Neglected tropical diseases
    • Healthcare acquired infections
  • Health of vulnerable groups
    • Child health
    • Prisoner health
  • Environmental health
    • Effects of air pollution
  • Methodology

The group includes the Queensland Centre for Clinical Trials and Biostatistics and a Clinical Epidemiology Unit.


The group has major research collaborations including field sites in China and the Philippines.

The group offers biostatistical consulting services for researchers within the Faculty of Health Sciences.  A collaborative consulting arrangement provides for service statistical consulting for clinical researchers, including research students, within the School of Medicine


  • Professor Gail Williams BSc (Hons), MSc (Statistics), MSc (Epidemiology), PhD

Teaching and Research Staff

  • Dr Chris Bain MBBS, MPH
  • Associate Professor Suhail Doi  MBBS; M.Med.; MRCP; FRCP; MClinEpid; PhD
    • Head, Clinical Epidemiology Unit
  • Dr David King MBBS, MPH, FRACGP
  • Dr Andrew Page BA (Psychology), PhD
    • Co-ordinator, Master of Epidemiology Program
  • Dr Sam MacKenzie BSc, MA (Hons), PhD
  • Vacancy (Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics)

Research and Consulting Staff

  • Associate Professor Rosa Alati  BA (Hons), Grad Dip (Aboriginal Studies), M AppSc, PhD
  • Associate Professor Abdullah Mamun MSc (Statistics), M Population Studies, PhD
  • Associate Professor Sanjoy Paul  MSc, PhD
    • Director, Queensland Centre for Clinical Trials and Biostatistics
  • Dr Peter Baker BSc (Maths Hons), M Stats, PhD
  • Dr Archie Clements B Vet Sci (Hons), M Vet Med, PhD
  • Dr Robert Ware BSc (Hons), PhD
  • Dr Mark Griffin BSc (Comp Sci/Maths), B Comp Engineering, PhD, Grad Dip (Statistics)
  • Dr Wenbiao Hu PhD
  • Dr Susan Jordan MBBS, FACGP, Grad Dip (Clinical Epidemiology), PhD
  • Dr Nirmala Pandeya  MSc, PhD
  • Vacancy (Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centre)

Affiliated Academic Staff within SPH

  • Professor Annette Dobson BSc, MSc, PhD, Grad Cert (Management)

Data Management Staff

  • Mr Simon Forsyth BA
  • Mr Robert Li B Inf Tech
  • Vacancy (Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centre)

Professional Staff

  • Dr Margaret Haughton PhD



  • Professor Adele Green (QIMR)

Associate Professor

  • Dr Joanne Aitkin (Queensland Cancer Council)
  • Dr Michael Coory
  • Dr Sue Treloar (Centre for Military and Veteran Health)
  • Dr Li Yuesheng (QIMR)
  • Dr David Whiteman (QIMR)

Senior Lecturer

  • Ms Elaine Beller
  • Dr Christian Engwerda
  • Dr Mark Jones (Centre for Healthcare Related Infection, Surveillance & Prevention)
  • Dr Chris Nagle (QIMR)
  • Dr Catherine Olsen (QIMR)
  • Dr Jolieke van der Pols (QIMR)
  • Dr Penny Webb (QIMR)


  • Dr Darren Gray (QIMR)
  • Dr Torukiri Ibiebele (QIMR)
  • Dr Rachel  Neale (QIMR)
  • Dr James Pang (Diamantina Institute)
  • Dr Patricia Valery (QIMR)

Associate Lecturer

  • Ms Sanjoti Parekh (Queensland Cancer Registry)

Simin Arabshahi:  Longitudinal Changes In Dietary Intake And Anthropometric Characteristics Of An Australia Population (Dr Jolieke van der Pols)

Michael David: Attrition in Longitudinal Studies:  Advancing and Evaluating Statistical Methods (Dr Rob Ware)

Kaeleen Dingle: Lifetime Risk Factors And Causal Pathways For Common Mental Disorders In Young Adults To 21 Years (Professor Gail Williams)

Jennifer Duncombe: Regional prediction of Dengue Fever outbreaks using GIS, surveillance data and international travel data (Dr Archie Clements)

Simon Forsyth: Prisoner Mortality After Release In Queensland (Professor Gail Williams)

Biao Guo: Evaluation Of A Surveillance System For Adverse Events Following Immunization In Selected Countries In China (Dr Andrew Page)

Bat-Erdene Ider: The Issues And Challenges Of Developing A Hospital Acquired Infection Control System In Mongolia (Dr Archie Clements)

Gerard Kelly: A Spatial Decision Support System for Malaria Elimination (Dr Archie Clements)

Bradley Kendall: Epidemiology of Barrett's oesophagus and obesity (Dr David Whiteman)

Fiona Kong: Novel Approaches To The Surveillance Of Healthcare Acquired Infections (Dr Archie Clements)

Penny McBride: Patterns Of Treatment And Prevention Of Skin Cancer In An Australia Community And Estimation Of Economic Impact (Professor Adele Green)

Lorelle Malyon: An evaluation of the impact of an education kit on paediatric nursing triage (Dr Rob Ware)

Suzanne Moore: Review Of Uptake Of Cancer Treatment And Related Health Care Services By Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Patients In Queensland (Professor Adele Green)

Annette Neill:  Lifestyle risk factors for endometrial cancer in Australia - a population-based case-control study (Dr Penny Webb)

Stuart Paynter: Factors affecting the immunogenicity of pneumococcal vaccination and immunity to pneumonia in infants in a developing country setting (Professor Gail Williams)

Melinda Protani:  The effects of obesity and diabetes on breast and endometrial cancer survival (Dr Michael Coory)

Divey Rattan: Predictors of smoking cessation and association between smoking cessation, obesity and mental health in young adults and older women (Associate Professor Abdullah Mamun)

Heidi Reid: The Development Of Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Tools To Support Malaria Control And Eradication In The Western Pacific Region (Dr Archie Cements)

Ricardo Soares Magalhaes: Spatial epidemiological tools for planning and evaluating control of neglected tropical diseases in sub-Saharan Africa (Dr Archie Clements)

Kylie Smith: Epidemiological Risk Factors For Barrett's Oesophagus (Dr David Whiteman)

Dawn Spinks: Identifying the impact on families of toddler domestic pool drowning in Queensland and other related traumatic events (Dr Andrew Page)

Lahn Straney: Improved Surveillance Of Adverse Events In Australasian Paediatric Intensive Care Units (Dr Archie Clements)

Bridie Thompson: The Surgical Management Of Colorectal Cancer In Queensland:  Trends And Effectiveness Of Laparoscopic Access Versus Open Access (Dr Michael Coory)

Aaron Thrift: Multi-facetted integrated control of human schistosomiasis in China (Professor Gail Williams)

Susan Vlack: Promoting identification and immunisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the urban General Practice setting (Dr Andrew Page)

Chunxia Zhao: Modernisation, Socio-Economic Change And Late Stage Epidemiologic Transition In China:  Integrating Structural And Proximate Determinants Of Cause-Specific Mortality (Dr Andrew Page)


Fariba Kolahdooz: Dietary Factors And Ovarian Cancer: From Nutrient Intake To Lifestyle (Dr Penny Webb)

Marina Kvaskoff: Role Of Dietary, Hormonal and Familial Factors In The Development Of Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma (Dr David Whiteman)

Nirmala Pandeya: Cancers Of the Oesophagus:  Exploring the Roles of Smoking, Alcohol and Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (Dr David Whiteman)

Louise Randell: Characterisation of the immunopathology associated with cerebral malaria (Dr Christian Engwerda)


Darren Gray: The Role Of Bovines In Human Schistosoma Japonicum Transmission In The Peoples' Republic Of China (Professor Gail Williams)


Nicole Edwards: Looking For Hidden Order: A Multi-Level Analysis Of Antipsychotic Prescribing To Adults With Intellectual Disability (Dr Chris Bain)

Susan Jordan: Epidemiological And Histopathological Factors In The Development Of Epithelial Ovarian And Related Cancers (Dr Penny Webb)

Eva  Yee Wah Lee: Site Specific Differences In Histology And Causation Of Melanoma (Dr David Whiteman)

Nick Lennox: A Randomised Cluster Study Of An Intervention Aimed At Improving The Health Outcomes Of Adults With An Intellectual Disability (Dr Chris Bain)


Tanya Bell: Risk Factors For Endometriosis (Professor Adele Green)

Greg Butler: Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs And Skin Cancer (Dr David Whiteman)

Lisa Hall: The Association Between Human Papillomavirus, Solar Kerasotes And Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Skin (Professor Adele Green)

Shahram Sadeghi: Risk Factors For Cancers Of The Oesophagus (Dr David Whiteman)


Colleen Cartwright: Factors Impacting On The Quality Of Life Of Terminally Ill Older People And Leading To Requests For Euthanasia (Professor Gail Williams)

Chris Nagle: Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Survival.  The Women's Health Study Group (Dr Chris Bain)


Joel Dulhunty: A Model For Changes In Quality Of Life And Clinical Measurements Near The End Of Life: A Prospective Longitudinal Study Of People Receiving Palliative Care (Professor Gail Williams)

Roland Nguyen: The Histopathology Of Skin Freckling & Its Relation To Anatomic Site & Sun Exposure (Dr Adele Green)

Robyn Wallace: The Biopsychosocial Implications Of Helicobacter Pylori In Adults With Intellectual Disability (Dr Penny Webb)

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